Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November Workshop Sketches of Students

Thanks to Jenny and Natasha for being great models. It was really pleasing to draw more students at my Tuesday workshop. It's encouraging to see them hardworking and brings back the memories of myself as a student too! I think I will try to draw more students each time.

I really love the subtle and yet elegant white top Jenny was wearing with the pleated edges on the seams of her back. She had this really pure and calm poise about her when sketching. About 10 mins.

Here's another example from our fashion students with cool gear! I love the way Natasha was wearing her hat and that pouch bag (sorry, I don't know what to call it) design was cool too! I think this was about 15mins, I know I ran into the models' second 10 minute pose, since I wanted to catch more of her stripes on her top!

I actually hope Jenny and Natasha like these sketches!


Cameron Durgin said...

Very impressive work. I'm glad I came to your workshop and had the talk we had. You definitely have a good handle on favorite interest. I'll keep coming every Tuesday.

poming chu said...

Thanks for the nice comments Cameron, keep up the good work!