Saturday, November 8, 2008

November Workshop Sketches of Students

Today I subbed a class.
You know every once and a while you have one of those days where you just don't really get into what you are drawing or you're just not digging it! Well today was one of those... I just wasn't in the zone.... but here they are. Seriously, I think I took ages on each one, probably about 20mins on the first one.... it seemed like forever! Much happier with last Tuesday's sketches.

This one I spent ages on the mass of the tote bag, handbag, pencil case by her side.

This one I just didn't get a handle on the hair and got thrown off! Over 10 mins.

This one.... ate my porridge! About 10 mins.

I just thought I'd mention it here as well. There was this one female student who I thought did Ballet just by the way she stood most of the time, but when asked... she used to do gymnastics. Well the point is I really wanted to capture her in a sketch.... but there was just no place comfortable for me to draw without probably making her feel uncomfortable! Well my other point is I think I will see if in the future I can go to a ballet class to do some sketching!


Cameron Durgin said...

Even though you said you weren't in the zone, I still think these are impressive for the amount of time given. You're quite fast. What type of drawing tool are you using for these? And on what paper?

poming chu said...

Thanks. It's just pencil on my sketchpad!